Raymond Beckham

Raymond Beckham lives in the California Bay Area between San Francisco and Sacramento with his beautiful wife and three boys. As a small business owner, Raymond Beckham runs an I.T. company which he and his wife started over ten years ago. At an early age, he began to realize the power that words had over his life. The art of storytelling had him entranced, and once he was exposed to it, it wasn’t going to let go. One day while on a long road trip with his family he began writing a story, the process and creative juices were intoxicating. From then on, he would steal any extra time he could to write down his new thoughts for the stories he would craft. Having written dozens of partial stories and screenplays, along with hundreds of poems, Raymond finally decided to take his craft to the next level and become a writer. With the encouragement of his wife, Ellie, he began co-authoring his debut novel series, The Lost Sigil with his friend and colleague, Darius Cook.